How To Get An SSL/HTTPS Certificate forever and for free !

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How To Get An SSL/HTTPS Certificate forever and for free !

free ssl certificate forever

hola !

https/ssl is an important technology for any website that is providing online shopping or storing important data

https encrypts all of the site’s data, so if anyone hacked your network due to poor security, ssl protects all of your website information on the server by encrypting it

also the green pad that this technology provides makes the site look more professional and legit, statistics have shown that customers have more trust in websites that are using a secure ssl connection than those that don’t.

the protocol have proven to be very effective with search engine optimization (seo)

so if you have a shop, or a simple blog like mine, this article is going to be very useful for you i’ll be giving you an easy way to get a free ssl/https certificate forever !

let’s get down to business


the first thing you wanna do is going to 

put your domain name on the bar that is clearly shown in the image

free ssl certificate forever


Click on the manual Verification button

how to get ssl certificate for free


click on the retry manual verification

how to get https for free4

download these two files

free ssl certificate forever

go to  cpanel and open file manager.. move to the public_html directory

free certificate forever

create a file named .well-known

free ssl certificate forever

navigate to the file .well-known using the path search and create another file named acme-challenge

free ssl certificate forever

after that, upload the two files that you already downloaded to the acme-challenge file

next step is getting the cert

go back to the site and click on Download SSL Certificate

free ssl certificate forever

you will get three boxes with strange codes in them, don’t panic, these codes are your website certificate information which looks like this

free ssl certificate forever

go back to your cpanel and go for the ssl/TLS tool under the security category

and click on manage ssl sites

free ssl certificate forever

ok, now do you remember those weird codes you got at the beginning ? (the certificate)

i already numbered them above

copy them and paste them into the empty box’s you see here (in your cpanel)

now after you put everything to it’s right place click on the install certificate button

 free ssl certificate forever

and you’re done !

Now your website can be browsed through ssl/https protocol for free and forever !

here’s the video tutorial

see you on my next post !


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