How Do Youtubers Make Money 2018

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how do youtubers make money 2018

When I Was like 16 (2012) I Used to Watch Some Famous Youtubers Videos Back Then on a Daily Basis, I Always Wondered what were they talking about When They Were Talking About “Youtube Money” and “Cents per View”  I Never Actually Realized That Someone Could Be Paid Only by Recording a Video Talking About Basic Stuff and Earn Real Money out of It

as I Grew up and Learned More About Internet I Found out That Youtubers Were Making Money from a Lot of Ways and in This Post I’ll Give You Guys a Brief Demonstration About How Youtubers Make Money.. 

1 – Putting Ads on the Video (Adsense)

Setting up an Adsense Account to Show Ads on Videos Are the Main Income for Most Youtubers on the Platform as It Is Easy to Use and Pays Good Money.. Collaborating  and Showing Adsense Ads on Your Youtube Video Is Very Easy There Are Many Tutorials on Youtube That Guides You Through the Process of Getting Ads on Your Youtube Videos You Can Check Them out by Clicking Here 

2 – Having Sponsors to Sponsor the YouTube Videos

This Is One of the Common Ways That Youtubers Use to Get Money from YouTube, an Advertiser Will Contact You About Advertising Something or Making a Video About a Product and in Return He/They Will Pay You Big Money for Promoting Their Product on Your Channel, These Offers Are Usually Offered to Big Youtuber’s, but You Might Be Lucky Enough to Get the Interest of a Local Company to Collaborate with You.. This Technique Pays Way More Money Than Adsesne 

3 – Creating a Merchandise with Your Design/Slogan in It and Selling It

This Way Is Only Common Among Big Youtuber’s Because the Number One Factor to Sell Your Merchandise Is to Build a Huge Community, Depending on the Merchandising, There Can Be Significant Upfront Costs Associated with Making and Selling Materialistic Merchandise. like Most Manufactures, Costs Are Diluted by Scale, Such as Making 1000 Hoodies Is a Lot Cheaper Than Making 10 Hoodies, so You Should Have a Big Community to Start Selling Merchandise..


So now After Reading how do Youtubers make money 2018, click here to find out  How much do YouTubers make per view in $ 

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