How To Protect Your Facebook from hackers

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hello there !

in this article i will give you ways to secure your facebook
first of all you need to know that facebook is already protecting your account from attackers
but i’m going to give you more ways on how to protect your account
Cyberattacks have increased in the last two years and many websites and accounts on the internet have been comprised by hackers due to poor basic knowledge in internet safety so you might wanna follow these steps to ensure that your facebook won’t be hackable.. or at least it won’t be easy to hack !

1 – choosing a strong password

most of the hacked accounts on facebook Especially, happen because of poor and easy to remember passwords, passwords like 11111111, 123456,1234abc are very easy to be guessed by attackers so if you have a poor password you need to go right now and change your password to something more complicated !

2 – Email Address

you need to change or at least check your email once a month to ensure that your email is not removed or hacked, because when a hacker get’s your email he can easily go to your facebook account and do a password reset request through your email, and gain access to your account !

3 – encrypted browsing

you need to always ensure that you’re logging to facebook through https and not http always check the url before logging in your facebook account.

4 – avoid saving passwords on any device

so the next time you use an  internet cafe /  friends computer / works computer, to log in to your account do not press on the save password option because any one that uses the device after you will easily gain access to your account

5 – protect your pc from malware’s and spywares

don’t download any file from the internet without knowing it’s source because it could be a malware that will control your device

6 – links and offers

don’t click on any link before making sure it’s safe by examining the link for any scam or spam, there are many online tools that examines urls for you so you need to check the link before clicking on any specious links
there are many ways and Technics to protect your facebook account i have only shown you 6 ways, don’t stop here look further to get the full idea and to not be a victim of cyberattack
see you on the next one ~! 🙂



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