How to make natural skin lightening cream at home

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Hello Boys And girls !

Today i’m Going to give you a very effective and easy way to get a light skin

if you’re a fan of pale skin (white skin) and you have a dark skin tone, than you have came to the right place

to make a skin lightening cream

you will need the following :

1 – yogurt

2 – lemon

3 – salt

4 – ice

before doing anything wash your face with hot water and soup so your face would be clean and ready for the mask

after cooling your face make sure there aren’t any open wounds

Mix the yogurt with lemon and salt and start rubbing your face with the mix

after rubbing your face, let the mask on your face for about one hour

than wash your face with hot water

get the ice to start cooling your face with it

Gently rub the ice cube on your face for about five minutes

repeat this every week and you will start to notice that your skin will become lighter by time

this is one of the most effective easy ways to get a clean white skin in a short time !

hope you guys enjoyed this article !


see you on the next one !


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