Exclusive Rare 7 Photos of BTS When They Were Young (FUNNY)

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Exclusive Rare 7 Photos of BTS

So You Guys Only Saw Bts Members In Their Masculine ( Not So Masculine) Hunks, But Have You Ever Seen Them In Pictures As Babies ? Don’t Think So..
Well Today I’ll Give You 7 Rare Photos Of Bts Members When They Were Young !

Let’s Start With The Lead Singer.. Or Is He ?

1 – Rapmonster “RM” (Kim Nam-joon)

This Photo Of Rm Shows How Cute And Friendly He Was.. He’s Not Really A Monster If You Asked Me ! More Like Cutenessmonster !.. It Looks Like He Was In High-school Or Something.. He Still Looks Good In Both !

2 – Jin (Kim Seok-jin)

Doing The Victory Sign To Look Cool And Stuff.. He Was Much Cuter To Be Honest When He Was Young..  But Though I Still Like Him ! ( Not Really )

3 – Suga (Min Yoon-gi)

Honestly Suga Looked Like He Was A Bully Or Something In School.. I Don’t Know But I Have A Long History With Bully’s And I Know How To Spot One ! Just Kidding Love Ya Suga !

4 – Jhope (Jung Ho-seok)

Damn This.. Couldn’t Find A Baby Picture Of Jhope ! But I Found This Very Formal Picture Of Him.. He Looks Like He’s Going To A Family Meeting Or Something, Neat Though :).

5 – Jimin (Park Ji-min)

What A Jaw-dropping Transformation ! He Looked Like An Average Chinese Farm Boy Who Likes To Cut His Own Hair.. Now Look At Him All Grown Up Looking Like A Super Model ! Good For You Jimin..

6 – V (Kim Tae-hyung)

Hahahaha.. Looks Like The Kid Who Would Be Picked On By Everyone In Class ! He Looked So Naive And Silly ! But Now Look At Him So Handsome And Stuff Lol.

So That’s It thank you guys for sticking around my small website ! hope you guys like what i post here 🙂

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Photos Source : https://www.wattpad.com


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